dkdc: the CLI for me




May 20, 2024

Looking back, I first released dkdc on PyPI in August 2023. I don’t remember exactly what the CLI did and I’m not going to check for the purpose of this quick blog, but more recently I rewrote it in Rust. This was a great learning experience and, in theory, much better for what I started using the tool for: anything I commonly do in the terminal. Rust allowed shipping a single binary that could be globally installed on a computer and very low latency.

However, while I’m happy I’ve “learned” Rust, I am orders of magnitude better in Python. So, I’ve rewritten dkdc in Python. I’m going to be more dedicated to this project (and other things!) going forward and use this as a basis for adding any common Python code I want to run programmatically.

There may still be a dkdc-core or dkdc-rs written in Rust at some point…

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