How I lost my GitHub account




May 5, 2024

Occasionally, I am asked (or suspect people wonder) how I lost my GitHub account. There’s a quick explanation on my account’s README:

forked from cody-dkdc (2FA was the downfall of that account)

Short story longer, I thought my phone was waterproof and had it in my pocket in a pool outside of the United States. The phone broke – it was water resistant and I was dumb.

Upon returning to Florida, I went to get a new phone. I had to travel back to Washington state a day or two later and didn’t want to do so without a phone. For whatever reason, the phone people told me I either had to get a new number and I could get the new phone that day, or it would take longer.

I thought about it and decided a new phone number wasn’t a huge deal – text people, update accounts – so I went with that option. My GitHub account was last on my list of things I cared about at this point. Once I realized I needed to use it for work, I just created another one with a memorable name.

After creating my new account, the name grew on me and I decided to keep it. This is the story of how I lost my GitHub account.

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